Winter feet maintenance tips: Wear warm socks and much more

Winter feet maintenance tips: Wear warm socks and much more

The winter cold can keep your feet all the time. It is worse for some people than others. Cold feet can be quite uncomfortable, and it may make you feel the chill all the time. Besides the cold air, there are many other reasons which could be giving you cold toes. Poor circulation, heart and thyroid complications, diabetic nerve damage and even stress can lead to this. But whatever the reason behind your feet that are cold, you have to be dying to warm up them.

There are many ways in. Herewe reveal a few simple methods by which you can have warm feet. It will make you feel comfortable and cozy during the winter season.

Let us take a look at a number of the things that will keep your feet warm.

Get an oil massage

Massaging your feet with oil will keep the cold away. It will stimulate blood circulation to your feet and improve circulation. You can use mustard, coconut, sesame or olive oil . You might also health up the oil a bit if you would like to. Cover after the massage and sit back with feet that are warm.

Have ginger

Ginger comprises gingerols and zingerone, which have a heating effect. It also improves circulation. Have ginger tea or just chew on a piece of ginger. You’ll be surprised with the results. This is a good remedy for cold feet.

Green Tea

Green tea boosts the health of your blood vessels. This, in turn, improves circulation. It also reduces your risk of heart diseases and diabetes which might be behind your feet that are chilly. But don’t consume more than 3 cups of tea in a day because it is known to leach the calcium from your bones.

Use Epsom salt

Add some Epsom salt and soak your feet in it for around 15 minutes. It warm up your feet and will improve circulation.

Wear woollen socks

This is a must in cold weather. Wear warm woollen socks. It allow you to get rid of your feet and will protect your feet. Ensure that your socks have at least 70 per cent wool in it.

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Weight loss resolutions that you must definitely keep in 2020

Weight loss resolutions that you must definitely keep in 2020

Losing weight is good not only from a beauty point of view but is great for fitness and overall health. But lots of people struggle to shed weight. This happens despite their best efforts. It is because they’re not going about it. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to take a holistic and comprehensive approach towards it. Only then will you be able to lose your extra flab. That’s the reason you have to make a few New Year resolutions for weight loss.

It’s imperative that you stick to these resolutions during the year if you want to be fit and healthy and also flaunt a stunning figure.

Listed below are weight loss resolutions for 2020.

Be relaxed

You have to make a plan that you will stick to to lose weight. You may feel like giving up in a month or so if you are strict with yourself. Consequently, it is better to have a plan. Allow yourself a couple of days. However, on other days, make sure to stick to your weight loss diet. This will make certain you lose weight without feeling it is an effort.

Plan your meals

This is important because otherwise, you may just end up ordering food from outside. But if you plan ahead, it is going to be easier. Additionally, it will ensure that you eat meals daily. This is good for weight loss.

Cook and freeze

You can cook meals that are healthy during weekends and freeze it for use throughout the weekdays. This make certain that you have something to eat at home during your weekdays and will save you time. Soups, broths and vegetables are good options, and these can be reheated without any effort.

This won’t only save you money but also help you to lose weight. Eating out is bad for your waist. And, preparing lunch in the morning can be hard. So, you can do this at night and, in the morning, all you have to do is pick up your lunch box and you are done for the day.

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Today health tips: Deal with your arthritis the way

Today health tips: Deal with your arthritis the way

Our health tips these days are designed to help you cope with arthritis. This is a debilitating condition when you have to live with it and daily life can be a struggle. Our health tips can help you get relief to a wonderful extent. Arthritis can cause your joints stiff and painful. According to the American College of Rheumatology, you may deal with this health problem with weight loss therapy and alternative therapies like massage and acupuncture. This can be done along with your allopathy treatment.

There is less pressure on your joints if you drop weight, and this can reduce your pain. Strength increases. The wellness tips that we reveal will help you enable you to live a fulfilling live and cope with your joints. Here are our health tips of the day.

Exercise regularly

This is quite important. You can include exercises stretching . Low-impact aerobic exercises like cycling, walking and swimming are also good. A little bit of strengthening and cardio exercises can make a difference. But consult a doctor.

Eat well

This is a health tip that you need to follow. A healthy and balanced diet enhances overall health. Add sea food, fruits and vegetables, healthy oils and whole grains . Avoid saturated fat, cholesterol-rich sugars and foods. This can help you lose.

Movement helps

Don’t stay in exactly the exact same place for too long. It can make your joints more stiff. Move at regular intervals. Get up half an hour, if you have a desk job and walk a little. Keep getting up to do the other or something. You will be amazed.


You will need to avoid stress. All those aches and pains can stress you out. Arthritis is a condition and it’s true that doing simple things can be challenging. This may contribute to more anxiety. If your anxiety levels come down of your problems will be solved.

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Six 2019 records you may have missed out on

Six 2019 records you may have missed out on

At the beginning of each year, I am filled FOMO with the fear of having missed out, or, if you enjoy that socmed acronym. The fear is of having missed out on good music published during the year that just ended. Paradoxically, even as record sales have declined steadily over the last few years, more so with the rise of music streaming services, the number of albums released each year has burgeoned, which makes it humanly impossible to check out everything you may want to.

So every time a year winds down and a new one begins, I try to rewind through the weeks gone by to see what I might have missed.

It is by no means an exercise, although it can be exhausting. However, it always throws up. Here are six records (caveat: one of them is not a true full size ) of 2019 which you may have missed but that are worth checking out:

Oh Sees are an band. However, over 20 albums have been released by the San Francisco-based band. Their sound is a hybrid of grunge rock and psychedelic rock. They experiment a great deal but their identifying guitar riffs that are unfettered make their music unique. For constant, Frank Zappa-esque lead solos and long, trippy songs, check out their newest full-length, Face Stabber, especially the track Scutum & Scorpius. At minutes, it’s a guitar enthusiast’s delight.

Born in Alaska, Quinn Christopherson, 27, came out as transgender two decades ago and his 2019 tune about that adventure, Erase Me, is the single that drew critics’ notice. He has fractured vocals and profoundly intimate lyrics (I got so used to pulling the brief stick/ I do not know what to do with all this privilege/ Cause I got a voice today / I got electricity and I can’t stand itAnd nobody interrupts me/ And nobody second guesses my opinions/ And nobody tells me I can’t do it). Christopherson is yet to launch a full-length album but his singles-besides Erase Me, there is Raedeen, about a sister who died presumably of drug-related causes, and Mary Alee, about his grandmother who had been his pillar of strength when he transitioned-are tracks that shouldn’t to be missed. Christopherson is the man, if downtempo melancholia is the thing .

Melina Duterte, born to immigrants in America, performs as Jay Som. A multi-instrumentalist who records her songs at home, Som is able to craft dreamy pop songs that she sings soothingly, against a rich multilayered sonic background, all of it generated by her. It’s a DIY technique raised to perfection. Although just 25, she’s released three albums and 2019’s Anak Ko (“my child” in Tagalog) is one that wafts soothingly over you with its approachable lyrics and low-fi tapestry of instrumentation. Som says she makes “headphone music”. And she is pretty darn right.

1 phenomenon in music is. Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin combines alternative country music with indie pop and delivers her songs unfiltered-sometimes ambient sounds are left in on her recordings; and her own sighs and breaths sometimes surface in her songs. But her songs are narratives that are intimate. Her sophomore album, Crushing, is themed on breakups-but though it has its darker moments, it is never sad. It’s hopeful yet also confessional. On Stress To Party, Jacklin sings about the strain of getting back to normalcy after a relationship ends but makes it so lively and amusing it is, in fact, not stressful.

The audio of Hiss Golden Messenger, a band driven by the creative force of its leader, M.C. Taylor, has elements of blues, folk and great old-fashioned rock. The group has released eight albums over the last decade, and the newest, Terms Of Surrender, is a. It’s almost a cliché that creative artists often do their very best work in the wake (or in the throes) of personal emergencies but this one, composed following the loss of a loved parent and the recurrence of Taylor’s depression, is really a hidden gem. It is not, however, the typical set of mopey songs you would expect. Taylor also talks of love and of psychological healing although true, there are the moments. On days that you’ve got more than only a touch of the blues, this is what the doctor ordered.

Amanda Palmer, singer-songwriter, pianist and performance artist, spent time busking as a living statue in many regions of the world. She identifies as bisexual and is married to the writer and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman. Her solo work is theatrical.

Her most recent album, There Will Be No Intermission, is piano-driven, long (78 minutes; 20 songs) and personal, taking a look at the tumultuous year that 2019 was-but from an intimate perspective. So her struggles as a woman, and themes such as #MeToo, are dealt with in lyrics that can at times seem like poetry that was abstract. It’s not an easy hook-filled set of tunes; the words deserve attention in the song A Mother’s Confession, for instance, where she bares all about her own weaknesses as a parent.

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