Winter feet maintenance tips: Wear warm socks and much more

Winter feet maintenance tips: Wear warm socks and much more

The winter cold can keep your feet all the time. It is worse for some people than others. Cold feet can be quite uncomfortable, and it may make you feel the chill all the time. Besides the cold air, there are many other reasons which could be giving you cold toes. Poor circulation, heart and thyroid complications, diabetic nerve damage and even stress can lead to this. But whatever the reason behind your feet that are cold, you have to be dying to warm up them.

There are many ways in. Herewe reveal a few simple methods by which you can have warm feet. It will make you feel comfortable and cozy during the winter season.

Let us take a look at a number of the things that will keep your feet warm.

Get an oil massage

Massaging your feet with oil will keep the cold away. It will stimulate blood circulation to your feet and improve circulation. You can use mustard, coconut, sesame or olive oil . You might also health up the oil a bit if you would like to. Cover after the massage and sit back with feet that are warm.

Have ginger

Ginger comprises gingerols and zingerone, which have a heating effect. It also improves circulation. Have ginger tea or just chew on a piece of ginger. You’ll be surprised with the results. This is a good remedy for cold feet.

Green Tea

Green tea boosts the health of your blood vessels. This, in turn, improves circulation. It also reduces your risk of heart diseases and diabetes which might be behind your feet that are chilly. But don’t consume more than 3 cups of tea in a day because it is known to leach the calcium from your bones.

Use Epsom salt

Add some Epsom salt and soak your feet in it for around 15 minutes. It warm up your feet and will improve circulation.

Wear woollen socks

This is a must in cold weather. Wear warm woollen socks. It allow you to get rid of your feet and will protect your feet. Ensure that your socks have at least 70 per cent wool in it.

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